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ALICE HARVEY - Emily VanCamp
ALICE is a 28 years old, living in a small apartment in the upper east side. While she has her fair share of one-night-stands, she's been single for far longer than she'd like to admit. She's finally met a guy worth keeping around, but is in danger of screwing it up, as always. Relationships aren't the easiest things for her.

By day, Alice works as an assistant editor for a notable book publisher. Like anyone climbing the ranks, she's trying to make her mark. By night, in between her various dates, Alice tries to write. She has an incredibly compelling story to tell – her story. But that story was written fifteen years ago…by someone else.
MILAN DANEKER - Michael Nyqvist
MILAN is a 35 year-old aspiring writer on the eve of releasing his first novel. Represented by Alice's father, a prominent book agent, Milan becomes close to 14 year-old Alice, and during that time writes the novel that makes him a world renowned author.

Today, 15 years later, Milan and Alice's paths cross once again, forcing the two to confront events that have long gone unaddressed. Alice's work life and personal demons converge when her boss tasks her with promoting the one book she would most like to forget exists.